EBike Sales

Our various electric bikes that we have for sale come in a variety of brands, and you can view additional details on each at our E-Bikes at our golf cart parts and accessories website, Prime Cart Parts. Below are some of the electric bike brands we have in stock at our various locations. Click the pictures to be taken to Prime Cart Parts, where you can view more specifications and pricing, as well as place an order for purchase. NOTE: E-Bikes are pickup only from Riviera Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or Vero Beach. Contact us using our contact form for further inquiries.

Slade E-Bike

Bintelli E-Bike

Bintelli M1 E-Bike

Bintelli B2 E-Bike

E-Tek E-Bike

Sondors E-Bike

Ariel Rider E-Bike

Go Trax E-Bike

ReVolt E-Bike

Lucky Light E-Bike

Mokwheel E-Bike

Tenways E-Bike

Eunorau E-Bike

Auloor E-Bike

Velotric E-Bike

Eskute E-Bike

Vtuvia E-Bike

ZNH E-Bike

Emojo E-Bike

Nakto E-Bike

Okai E-Bike